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Unveiling Our New Logo

After 20 Years, we are proud to reveal our new facelift for the upcoming season.

The global pandemic of 2020, caused significant disruption around the world, but not here at Mavericks HQ.

After a hectic few months off the ice, planning and designing, the Nottingham Mavericks are proud to finally reveal our clubs new logo.

The Mavericks, and our iconic 'N' logo, have been embedded in the annuals of University Ice Hockey. But now, after 20 Years of representing the Nottingham Universities in BUIHA league competitions, a redesign was long overdue.

The former logo employed a distinctive 'N' with a hockey stick and puck as its focal point. But the new logo takes on a more powerful representation of the club, in the form of a bull mascot.

The bull design, aptly nicknamed "Bertie the Bull" symbolises 'Strength', 'Power' and 'Ferocity'. Many terms that can be used to describe our clubs personality and mentality.

The mascot itself is a 'Maverick', which is a descriptive word used to represent 'Individualism' and 'Non-conformism', as well as being used to describe; 'An animal, usually a form of cattle, that does not carry a brand'.

The new design pays homage to the old logo, by incorporating the iconic 'N' as an ear tag. A vibrant and impactful colour palette was chosen to enhance the design, while still staying true to the clubs classic Green, Blue and White aesthetic.

The clubs redesign has received significant positive feedback and support with the new logo being selected by an overwhelming majority of members, both past and present, via an online poll during April 2021.

President of the Nottingham Mavericks, Luke Thornton, commented on the decision to rebrand; "Like the majority of clubs across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic, provided us with time to reflect on the progress we've made over the last 5 years or so. Additionally, it also gave us the unique opportunity to revitalise and renew the club's values for when we finally return to the ice. That is why, I feel now is as good an opportunity as any, to unveil a new club logo and rebranding plan, to reignite everyone's passion for the club and the sport as a whole, after being kept away for so long. A lot of hard work has gone into this rebrand behind the scenes and I am proud to show off what we have achieved".

For our club, this redesign is the start of a new era and its adoption is the beginning of a new modern visual identity for the Nottingham Mavericks Brand. An identity that we hope will continue to grow our clubs decorated legacy and one that will last for many years to come.

With Thanks to:

Ark Him - For creating the digital/graphic design of 'Bertie'.

Emily Ingram - For creating the initial design concept/artistic illustration of 'Bertie'.

Other Contributors:

Will Fry - For contributing designs to the rebrand process.

Josh Deeley - For contributing designs to the rebrand process.


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