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Sliderfy Joins the Mavericks 2021/22 Campaign

The Nottingham Mavericks are excited to announce an official partnership with Sliderfy.

The company that is based in Bristol will join our growing list of official club merchandisers for the 2021/22 season.

Specialising in the sale of custom footwear since 2019, Sliderfy prides itself on providing the highest quality Custom Slides that teams are proud to stand in & businesses are proud to sell.

Sliderfy's focus is on creativity and ensuring that they design iconic slides that stand out. They are also proud to have launched their own eco-friendly, sustainably made slide.

Their logo will appear on our official club website and social media channels, as we embark on our upcoming BUIHA campaign.

Their Nottingham Mavericks custom designed slides will go on sale in September 2021.


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