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"It's time to be competitive again" says A Team Assistant Coach

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Will Fry returns for the 2021/22 season, renewing his position as Assistant Coach for the Nottingham Mavericks A team and hopes that this year the team will return to winning ways and be competitive again. "The team has many great foundations already in place. We aim to build off and work with these foundations and push the team to its potential. The A team has the qualities of a national championship-winning team and that's what we want to aim for this year". "This past year has been very disappointing. The roster we had in place was really strong, but unfortunately, the season was cancelled and the club hasn't been able to train how we would have liked, due to the pandemic". With the 2021/22 season just around the corner, Will Fry explained how he believes the A team will achieve success at the top level of British university ice hockey. "We need to push our players to train hard and play hard. We want to create and develop a culture of success, the expectation of results and a willingness to win within the team this year. The pandemic has caused difficulties but we will overcome these together by keeping focused and motivated". Will joined the Mavericks in 2016 and won a national championship title in the same season. In 2017 he helped in the founding of the Nottingham Cyclones, a recreational Ice Hockey team located in Nottingham, and has led the club as the team's head coach for the past four years. Will has also coached with other hockey organisations, such as Clarke and Co Hockey clinics and he has worked closely with the Great Britain Ice Hockey Programme. Will's coaching experience and ability make him a more than experienced individual to help lead and assist our club's top team.

The Nottingham Mavericks are confident that there will be new silverware for the A team this season and a return back to its former glory.


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