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BUIHA plans for the 2021/22 season to be announced in October

The British Universities Ice Hockey Association will outline its proposed plans for the 2021/22 season at this year's League Annual General Meeting, which will be held at IceSheffield on the 10th of October 2021.

The Nottingham Mavericks will be in attendance at an event that is planned to be focused upon supporting clubs in recovering from the pandemic; re-establishing connections between clubs and ensuring that there is a suitable level of competition for clubs this season.

The BUIHA plans to use this year's Annual General Meeting as an opportunity to present several proposals for the 2021/22 season that are geared towards re-building the BUIHA competitions to a pre-pandemic state for the 2022/23 season.

The following proposals will be discussed at the AGM:

  • Learn-to-play registrations.

Clubs will be able to register players to a 10-week LTP registration, with the option of upgrading this registration at the completion of the 10 weeks.

  • 'Legacy' Alumni’s eligibility for the 2021/22 season.

The BUIHA Committee is proposing the implementation of a points system that would allow a controlled number of players who have missed their Alumni seasons to participate in BUIHA matches. Details of this points system will be presented at the AGM.

  • The structure of the 21/22 Cup Competition.

The BUIHA Committee is proposing a January start for cup competition games, with the conferences consisting of smaller regional clusters.

The January start will give clubs time to recruit and prepare clubs for more structured competition, with the BUIHA committee encouraging the organisation of Challenge matches in the winter semester. These competitions would act as a potential means of seeding teams for the 2021/22 Nationals.

  • 21/22 Nationals structure.

The BUIHA committee sees the 2021/22 Nationals as the key focus of this season, with the best opportunity for us to be able to provide 3 weekends of collegiate competition. Discussions will be had on tournament formats with the intention of providing Checking, Non-Checking, and Women’s competitions, with options for both regular competition under traditional BUIHA eligibility and “Alumni friendly” tournaments to encourage participation.


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