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"Bring on the new season!" says D Team Head Coach

The 2021-22 season will mark the 6th year for James Guest as the Head Coach of the Nottingham Mavericks D Team. With high spirits for what the 2021-22 campaign will bring, James Guest hopes to continue the D team's league record and deliver some new silverware for the team.

"I am excited to get back in action coaching the Mavericks D team after time away due to Covid-19 and being busy with external work commitments. It's been a tough year for everyone and getting back on the ice with players who are passionate about developing their skills, learning a new sport and those that play for the love of the sport is what I’m looking forward to seeing again" "Due to such a long time away from the ice (some longer than others), the biggest challenge I face this year is working with potentially a whole new squad, with varying levels of experience, game time and understanding of the game. To remain successful this year, we need to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has the fundamental skills in place which will enable us to compete at our best in the league and the annual BUIHA national championships. With only a few weeks left until the start of the new season, James Guest explained what he aims to achieve this year and what he wants to accomplish with his players.

"After a successful period for the D team before the pandemic, with an unbeaten league campaign and a national championship title, I aim to continue the team's success. However, alongside this my main aim is to continue developing players, giving them the knowledge and skills to rise through the ranks and reach the next step, whether that be the C, B or A team". "I’ve worked hard over the last 5 years and had lots of success with D team players being called up for the other teams or being selected to move up through the squads and my aim is for this to continue. I want my team to be a stepping stone to reach their full potential and I want my players to have a memorable experience representing the Nottingham Mavericks".

James joined the Mavericks in 2012 and was appointed captain of the Nottingham Mavericks C team for two years. He ended his BUIHA player's career with a national championship title in 2015 and ranks 8th overall with 44 points in 41 games for the C team. Following this, James coached the Mavericks D team to its first Division 3 Non Checking North league and Tier V national championship titles.

James's experience as a coach extends beyond the Mavericks as he also coached for the National Ice Centre's learn to play programme, Skate Hockey Programmes and founded the Nottingham Cyclones recreational ice hockey team. The Nottingham Mavericks are excited to have James Guest as the D team Head Coach for another year and the Mavericks are confident that he will continue to build a successful and decorated legacy for our clubs D team.


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